Hello one and all

So I am now published. my debut novelette, The Orchid Keeper, is available in both print and ebook formats.

I am very excited and looking forward to continuing to strive towards my goal of becoming a successful author.

It hasn’t been an easy road but it has certainly been an interesting ride!!! Rejections are never easy to take but it comes with the territory. For me the rejections I received before getting published were motivators not buzz killers. With each rejection I told myself that I had to keep trying…and so I did!

Another new thing to deal with is reviews. They are what lets an author know how the public is receiving their work…and how they perceive it as well! If I was asked how I feel about bad versus good reviews my reply would be pretty simple…

Good reviews make me want to put more writing out there and the bad reviews make me want to put even better writing out there. Each kind of review offers a chance for growth and be it a good review or a bad one I just simply wish to read them all and take into my heart and head the feedback that my readers are offering.

I am doing the majority of my own marketing as well…and boy oh boy can that eat up some of each day. However, I am perfectly fine devoting a couple hours a day to exposing my book to new people, places and venues. I have never done any marketing before and the whole thing is new to me. Thankfully my publishers, Abuzz Press, have been very helpful with tips and such to get me going. I thank the staff, my cover designer, Angela Hoy and everyone else at Abuzz for being so very helpful.

I also thank all my friends and family who have given me feedback, pushed me forward, and cheered me on during this entire process…you guys are awesome and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you…especially Jim and Jenelle ( my editor)!!!!

With the recent release of The Orchid Keeper done I am now diligently working on book two in that series, The Osipian stories, and am putting together an anthology of some of my other short horror and fantasy stories. So please feel free to read The Orchid Keeper and stay tuned for more releases in the future.

You will be seeing more from me because I have started on a writing journey that I intend to be on for quite awhile!

Below are links to where the orchid keeper can be purchased. EBook and print formats.

Book Locker

Barnes And Nobles


Books a Million

Or feel free to inquire about it at any if your favorite online bookstores.

Happy creating to you all and may your days and nights be full of blessings and good reads!!!!

Jennifer Deese

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