Book 2, The Fading Light update:

Update for Book 2, in The Osipian series….

The Fading Light is coming along nicely. As my creative process usually dictates it has morphed into a story a bit different from my originally planned outline. This , in my writers opinion, is a good thing. I love that point in writing a book when it begins to evolve …almost on its own!

At some point I find that the creative flow just simply pours forth and its all I can do to keep up on the keyboard as the tale tells itself. This is the part of writing I love the best… Watching my ideas transform themselves into a fantastical story. During this time I sometimes look up from an all encompassing session of writing and get surprised because I’m here and not in the world my written words have created.

With that said and my feet once again planted here on Earth and not in Osipia’s surreal forests and fields I give to you the newest synopsis manifestation if The Fading Light.

Oh and if you haven’t taken The Osipian journey with Cora  and Sol in Book 1, The Orchid Keeper, you can do so by getting your copy now at any of your favorite online bookstores.

THE FADING LIGHT>>>coming soon

Finding herself ,once again, in the world of Osipia Cora is surprised to find that it won’t be just her and Sol. This time Sol introduces her to a enigmatic  and very attractive man, also from Earth.
Surprised by his presence, Cora soon learns the reason she has returned to Osipia and why he is there too. Together they set out on a quest to save both planets, Earth and Osipia,and the life that resides on them.
Can Cora, Sol and Eldon bring back the light? Can an Osipian orchid keeper, a 21st century woman and a man from the 18th century win this battle?