The Way I Write…Hey it Works for Me.

I imagine that as writers we all have our own little habits and routines..I Certainly do!! I suppose its just one of those instances where if it works for you then do it and keep doing it.

My way of writing is not completely routine however, there are some things that I do with every story I put to paper.


Today I thought I would share my way of writing with my followers and readers in hopes that some of you will share yours with us as well. Great way to get to know a little bit more of the person behind that book, blog, article, poem your reading…don’t you agree?

Now of course, I am in no way what-so-ever promoting the kind of reader devotion Stephen King gave us in Misery. Annie Wilkes truly sunk herself into the books she read & I am sure Sheldon wasn’t to keen on how well she got to know him or his writing habits.

I mean, I know we love meeting and visualizing the characters existing wthin the pages; and of course that is simply one of my deepest loves for reading. But…what do we know outside the brief bios on the covers of the person who brought them to us?

For instance, I more often than not like to write  with music in the background at a pretty high volume. A variety of edibles at hand along with a beverage ( type varies) are always present. Something about munching on a stick of celery slathered with cream cheese while working out a plot snag really helps me work it through. 🙂

Another of my habits is to write …read what I wrote…
…write…read what I wrote…write…

So what are some of your habits or writing routines?
Please share some of them in the comments section below…either your writing habits, someone else’s or if your not a writer feel free to share some if your reading idiosyncrasies.