In the Beginning

Ann Pollard

As a youth, I never gave my life a thought as to what I would become when I became a man, I was too busy being wild and carefree like most of the Great Creator’s creations, and then one night I found myself so fear-struck that I was pressing my back into a tree trunk so hard. It felt like tiny needles on my skin. Unable to run from the evolving wolf-creature coming toward me, I watched as it stood upright on its hind legs, and then its red eyes looked into mine as it woofed, “You don’t know me yet, but I have come for you.”

Coughing, I managed to say, “How the f— can you talk? You are an animal.”

Sort of progressing into something larger, it barked, “When the time comes, you’ll understand why I have given you a taste of myself.” When it leaned…

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TaKe Two & Back to the Front!!


New Beginnings …and this one is a celebratory one! To All my followers I have decided that this blog needs a revamp. While I love every single  post and ramble  have posted on this blog,  I have gotten that spring cleaning bug (ok so I am quite a few months behind …its the way my head works!)Starting tomorrow this Site, To Write is Right!!!, will be UNDER CONTSTRUCTION. No pertinent information will be deleted, however older material and up and coming material will be presented in new ways. *writer of this post scratches her head and wonders if she can pull this off. She is no pro blogger by any means and wishes she had “people” to do this for her. Now she laughs hysterically at her own joke. Ok back on track now folks sooooo where were we? ********************

Ok here we go; I have decided to reconstruct my blog  and considering the fact that I am in no way adept in the art of blog maintenance this may take a bit. I have never really been able to format this blog in accordance to how I see it in my head however, I am going to give it another go. setting up pages and static pages etc. is all so very confusing.

I will be starting this project today and keeping my fingers crossed that I end up with something halfway presentable. than you kindly for your patience.