Ann Pollard

As a youth, I never gave my life a thought as to what I would become when I became a man, I was too busy being wild and carefree like most of the Great Creator’s creations, and then one night I found myself so fear-struck that I was pressing my back into a tree trunk so hard. It felt like tiny needles on my skin. Unable to run from the evolving wolf-creature coming toward me, I watched as it stood upright on its hind legs, and then its red eyes looked into mine as it woofed, “You don’t know me yet, but I have come for you.”

Coughing, I managed to say, “How the f— can you talk? You are an animal.”

Sort of progressing into something larger, it barked, “When the time comes, you’ll understand why I have given you a taste of myself.” When it leaned…

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