Ghostly Writes Anthology -Coming Soon

Ghostly Writes is coming out soon. An eclectic mix of Scary and haunting short stories. Check out Claire Plaisteds post about it for a bit more info. Will be published in October 2016. Are you prepared to take an eerie walk through the minds of authors from around the globe? Ghostly Writes is right up a horror lovers alley.
Jennifer Deese – Author

Plaisted Publishing House


We are on a roll.  Thegroupis growing in leaps and bounds.  Together we have created a friendly group of authors, many who I am getting to know for the first time.    We are all sharing our skills with each other, be it editing, art or even teasers fro promotion.  I have been astounded by the wonderful vibes which abound.

It goes to show even when you write ghost, horror or thiller stories you can still have a blast and enjoy the fruits of our labour.  The short stories have been amazing. Some are simple, some are scary or scary to think about – depending on how much imagination you use while reading, others are slightly gory.  All are wonderful.  I can’t wait to read the rest.

Due to the groups growth, I have extended the submission deadline to 16th October.  I doesn’t matter is some don’t get…

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