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A Work In Progress, by Rocky Rochford releases August 1st 2017



A Work in Progress: The Life of a Disgraced Author


Snider was on the way to having it all—family, success and a movie deal. Then his parents died and he was never the same again. Fast forward a few years and Snider is a man who takes pride in punishing himself, forcing himself to live in squalor, as his sister lives it up in a luxurious apartment and enjoys the London nightlife.

With no drive and no ambition to take himself out of the rut he resides in, things are soon to change as the disgraced author will be forced to do things he swore never to do, whilst landing himself in some of craziest antics that are both comical and highly sexual.

A word from the Author:


    Having lived by the coast my entire life, I am a water boy through and through who loves to scuba dive, wake-board and photographing animals in their underwater environment. As a writer, I am a self-proclaimed student of everyone and master of nothing, devoted to sharpening and challenging my skills of storytelling whenever possible, stories such as London Calling, Wait and Bleed and the Rise of the Elohim Chronicles. Every read of one of my typed works, is another trip into the imagination of my mixed up, crazed and deranged mind. Welcome to the World of Rochford

Social media links & other works for Rocky Rochford:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/IamRockyRochford?fref=ts
Twitter: @RockyRochford  https://twitter.com/RockyRochford

Website: https://rockyrochford.wordpress.com/


Other Works by Rochford:


London Calling: (Espionage Thriller)

England, a nation under attack. The Prime Minister has been kidnapped, the Deputy PM murdered and MI6, the epitome of Intelligence, is descending into chaos. With moles leaking state secrets, M16—and the country—are being destroyed from within. All the tinder needs now is a match—and London will surely burn.


Wait and Bleed: (Horror)

First he will kill you when you are home alone and eat your chocolate cake, then he’ll slaughter your family as you sleep and even then he is just getting started. A psychopathic murderer is bad enough, worse still when they lose all sanity and desire nothing more than to build a body count higher than Everest as he drags you along with him for the ride, but sometimes even the Hunter becomes the Hunted. With the promise of death at every turn Jack wants to play a game, will you play with him?


Rise of the Elohim: The Eye of Mares: (Illustrated YA Fantasy)

Nearly four years have past since Zach drew blade against the Shanzi Shimay and now the time has come for him to draw his sword once more. The Realm of Mares has fallen victim to invasion as three terrifying beasts of darkness, seek to destroy the world around them, as they await the inevitable arrival of their King.

With dark times ahead, the numbers of the Watchers on Iris has grown, as Zach is joined by seven fellow students, all too eager to prove their worth. It’s not long before the students are put to the test facing off against the Nein Navy and uncover a dark secret.

The stage is set and the Battle for Mares is under-way.


Scars & Souvenirs: (Collection of Emotional Thrillers)

Every scar tells a story, tales of loss, tales of regret. The scars on my arms an echo of when times were hard. The scars on my eyes of the dreaded horrors I can never unsee. The scars on my soul, a lasting memory of the sins that tore my soul apart. The scars on my heart caused from a love forever lost. And the scars on both my wrists, the end result of a failed attempt to end a life of woe. Some scars should never be open, but mine are and they refuse to heal.

More from Rocky Rochford on his upcoming release, A Work in Progress.

****Dont forget to mark your calendars so you dont miss out on this fantastic authors newest work.*****


Hi there, I’m Rocky Rochford. Author of Wait and Bleed, London Calling, Scars and Souvenirs and the writer behind the fantasy series of The Rise of the Elohim Chronicles, which Ashleigh Longman illustrates.


Today however, I would like to tell you about my latest and greatest work. I know that comes across as being a bit braggy and oh so vainglorious, but A Work in Progress is a whole different ballgame compared to my previous works. Sure every protagonist I write is flawed, thoughtful and even philosophical in their own way, but Sam Snider is all that and more for he is truly alive.

Every page of his story and yes it is his story, just reeks of live as he is so much more that words on the page. Snider is living possibility himself. He is the person we did not become, but the person, the voice that exists inside us all that calls out when we’re alone in the dark, afraid of life and sad. But I’ve said all that and I have yet to talk about the book, so let’s correct that. Only because Snider is so real and opinionated as you will find out should you read the book.


This is A Work in Progress.

On August 1st it will release on a varied number of websites. It will be available in digital and physical form and while it does have some similarities to other boos and TV shows previously seen, the characters who drive the story are anything but normal. They’re raw. In pain and their life is a bizarre one, especially that of the titular character Sam Snider, a work in progress on the path to redemption in a story that will make you laugh, gasp, cry and even get a little too hot under the colour.

If you want classic British put downs, A Work in Progress has it.

If you want a protagonist who takes no shit from anyone and speaks whatever comes to his minds first, A Work in Progress has it!

It also has a wide array of erotic scenes, a romance story that plays a huge role and so much humour that there are times you will not be able help but piss yourself with laughter.

Its title may be A Work in Progress, but this work is my Masterpiece and soon, the whole world can read it!

Thanks! (Rocky Rochford)



Ok folks there you have it. Another bound to be good book from Indie author Rocky Rochford. A Work in Progress is coming soon! Stay tuned into Rockys social media links (listed above)to keep up to date with the fastly approaching release date of A Work In Progress by this talented Indie Author



Thanks for reading, & dont forget that sharing your review of an.indies books greatly aides in getting great them into the hands of other readers.

Jennifer Deese ~ Author



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